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Amex Plat: frequency?

Discussion in 'American Express Membership Rewards' started by HariOm, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. HariOm

    HariOm Transcendent Level

    When applying for different flavors of Amex Plat, how long have people been waiting to reapply after cancelling? For example, after cancelling the personal Plat, how long of a wait before applying for the MB version? I waited two years, just due to other apps in process, and my wife waited nine months, and we were both successful. Wondering how short of a period works, as we'd like to apply for more.
  2. GettingReady

    GettingReady Level 2 Member

    If your applying for different versions the length of time in between doesn't matter as long as you're within the framework for how often Amex will approve you for a CC.
  3. Craig

    Craig Level 2 Member

    Small caveat that Plats are charge cards, and therefore not subject to any rules for frequency (unlike the 2/90 rule for credit cards). You could get as many as Amex will approve you for in one day if you want.

    If you like the benefits from the Plat and use them, spread out your apps so that you always apply for one after closing one. If you only do it for the signup bonus, get them as frequently as you want, which I'd recommend would be whenever a historically high offer comes along.
  4. GettingReady

    GettingReady Level 2 Member

    Duh. Lol. Totally spaced on it being a charge card. Thanks for the correction. I usually stack charge card apps with Amex CCs.
  5. MikeT

    MikeT New Member

    Only MB plat and normal Plat give you airline/incidental credits right? none of the other varieties do?
  6. mec

    mec Silver Member

    I think they all do except for the Delta Platinum which isn't a real platinum.

    The Personal, Business... Ameriprise, Schwab, Goldman, Morgan Stanley & Mercedes Platinum cards all have the $200 credit.
  7. Barefootwoman

    Barefootwoman Level 2 Member

    Amex Plat up for renewal @ $550 ka-ching. Due to a family situation change, not much travel for us in the coming months, so I'm likely to cancel, based on this thread, not an issue to get another one in the future...thanks
  8. im_is_ninja

    im_is_ninja New Member

    Some people haven reported to holding two Platinums at once so YMMV

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