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AMEX Blue for Biz 2x on all "Qualifying Purchases" - Where?

Discussion in 'American Express Membership Rewards' started by knick1959, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. knick1959

    knick1959 Level 2 Member

    Has anyone else snagged this card? It seemed to appear fairly quietly but I was convinced it was a great deal and got one for myself.

    The 10k MR signup was, well, ok. What reeled me in was the promise of 10x on restaurants for 6 months and 2x on all "qualifying purchases" for the first year, up to $50k. Finally, there is an advertised 30% MR bonus at the end of the first year (I'm assuming this is on base spend). In my plan that is 2.3x MR for all my otherwise unbonused spend and 10.3x for restaurants (up to $2k in 6 months) - a no brainer particularly with the holidays and a long trip coming up.

    I'm into my second billing cycle, one statement has already cut. I received the 10k signup bonus and I'm getting 1x+9x for all restaurants (including even McDonalds), yeah! But the 2x for normal spend has yet to be seen. Does anyone have a different story?

    I had unseated my Freedom Unlimited card as the default spend card when there are no bonuses for this better deal. If the 2x is a myth or somehow "qualifying purchases" are defined funny (and I see nowhere in the terms where it is ... it disqualifies reloadables and traveler's checks AFAICT), I need to switch back to the Freedom card.

    I'll probably call AMEX for an explanation this week. Any opinions or comments in the meantime will be appreciated.
  2. knick1959

    knick1959 Level 2 Member

    Calling AMEX it took the CSR a short while to sift through the terms HE saw. He did state that the 2x was linked to OPEN partners only. Well that's not new or inspiring. This IS NOT how I read the app page or the terms that I read, and he stated it was mentioned in some secondary link from the terms page.

    This seems a bit deceptive to me. I'll note that 2 blog articles talked about this card and apparently also missed this condition. Off to read a bit more.

    Still good for restaurants, but 1.3x MR does NOT trump 1.5x UR in my book, so the Freedom card goes back at the top of the wallet and this will only be used for restaurants until the $2k limit is exhausted.
  3. knick1959

    knick1959 Level 2 Member

    For references, here's a blog post from VFTW (dated yesterday) that "made me look" at my statement more closely after reading through the comments. I just added my own comment :).

  4. knick1959

    knick1959 Level 2 Member

    Someone else's phone CSR has told them a different story ... that the 1x extra (or might it be base?) isn't credited until the next statement. I know AMEX does this; has a month delay before earned points are posted. However, then, I'm not sure why the full 10x has posted for restaurant charges (itemized as 1x and then 9x).
  5. btbane

    btbane Level 2 Member

    Have you been able to see the results from your next statement yet? I'm looking at my account now and I see the end of month points that posted as the sum of all of my purchases at 1x. However, I have yet to see any of the extra points on every day purchases or the 9 extra points for restaurants. If those aren't posting properly that changes things significantly and I'll probably stop using this card.

    When I click on my Platinum card monthly statement points, I have the option to click "See Bonus Details", but that is not available for the Blue for Business .
  6. idearr

    idearr Level 2 Member

    I'd love to know as well. Just applied for card based on various blog reviews, then saw this note. Looked through the terms and conditions pretty carefully, if there is a restriction it is indeed hidden. Card is worth it for the signup bonus and meals bonus, but if it's not earning 2 MRs on everything in the first year I won't be using it once I get the restaurant bonus.

    Note - when I applied I was immediately rejected because I already have 4 ccs between personal and business. I cancelled one of them and was going to ask Amex to pull up the rejected application and reconsider it. But perhaps there is no hard pull when you get an auto-rejection, in which case I guess I can just do a new application and avoid calling in about the previous on. Anyone have any suggestions which route is better? Thanks
  7. baffld

    baffld Level 2 Member

    Idearr, the part of your question that I can speak to is my Amex experience last year. They rejected my app for SPG biz because I had 4 personal ccs. I called, they suggested I cancel any one card and then call them back to reconsider. Cancelled my Clear, called back and they approved it right away. Bonus came in after I met the spend. Hope you find a happy ending, too!
  8. mlick41954

    mlick41954 Level 2 Member

    I just got this card for the bonus and no annual fee, but I am not seeing any details about the bonuses for restaurants or qualifying purchases. Anybody have a shortcut to find this info that I am clearly missing? Thanks!

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