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Amex $25 off $250 at Best Buy

Discussion in 'Other Deals' started by tly, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. tly

    tly Level 2 Member

    Available via FB and Twitter (#AmexBestBuy). Also, 250 Best Buy points = $5 reward certificate.
  2. sonbenfan

    sonbenfan Level 2 Member

    Thanks for the heads up!!
  3. WoodenNickels

    WoodenNickels Level 2 Member

    I need to create more twitter accounts!
  4. Haley

    Haley I am not a robot

    Me too, again...
  5. ed1chandler

    ed1chandler Level 2 Member

    Purchased $250.95 in store today and it's been more than 8 hours without the usual "Thanks for using your enrolled card" e-mail.
    Anyone else see delays like this? Normally I get the e-mail before I make it back to my car.
  6. SuperK

    SuperK Level 2 Member

    I don't always get emails for all of my accounts. You can always just check online under the My Offers tab to see if your offer was redeemed.
  7. SuperK

    SuperK Level 2 Member

    If you have more than one Amex Cc that you loaded this offer to the best way to use it for Visa gift cards is to ask to split the payment. Buy 3 $200 gift cards if you have two loaded offers or 4 $200 gift cards if you have 3 offers.
  8. Haley

    Haley I am not a robot

    I've seen more delay since they updated the website last month and on the Dunken doughnut offer I used two cards on the same visit and one was instant, the other took several days. I need to retest the Serve sub accounts too, I had one offer never show up last month on the second subaccounts card. If they killed that I will be very sad.
  9. WoodenNickels

    WoodenNickels Level 2 Member

    Is there an easy way to view what offers are loaded to serve? I just switched over from BB to take advantage of the offers and then loaded Best Buy offer but can't seem to find any way to check them.
  10. PointsEarner615

    PointsEarner615 Level 2 Member

    Click on "Settings", then "My Offers" in the lower right hand of the screen. It's definitely not as intuitive as the other Amex cards.
  11. James from BNA

    James from BNA VR Jacket Guy

    PM sent. Post deleted.
  12. ed1chandler

    ed1chandler Level 2 Member

    Yeah, ... I know ... but I never split payments. It's a personal thing, I guess, and maybe I'll start someday. I just really, really hate being behind "that guy" in line, so I try to avoid being "that guy." Furthermore, most of what I do depends on the good graces of the cashiers. Probably overly paranoid on my part, but I have the worst luck of anyone I know and I don't need more problems.

    My workflow on this is a $200 VGC w/ $5.95 fee and a $45 Best Buy GC. Total = $250.95.
    Then liquidate the VGC via BB @ WM and resell the GC at 90%.
  13. Anh

    Anh Level 2 Member

    This was a good money maker for me last week. Went in with 9 Amex cards (6 from me, 3 from my wife as AU's) and asked for split tender with 25o each on each card. Total time spent in the store: 27 minutes. Total money earned: approximately 180.
    Now I'm thinking of getting more AU's in case a similar deal comes along later. But I have heard too many AU's can trigger FR so I might have to sleep on that thought for a bit
  14. Bryan

    Bryan Level 2 Member

    Grabbed 5 Visa GCs last night and loaded $200 on each. Asked to split payment on 4 AX cards and cashier had no problem doing it. Ends up netting $19.05/card. Just need to this a few more times to get it on all the cards wife and I have synced for this deal.

    To really take advantage in quantity of these sync deals multiple twitter accounts for each card and Tweetdeck is the way to go. One tweet for all 13 cards and no need to see it on each card by logging into the Amex site.
  15. LowHassleMS

    LowHassleMS Level 2 Member

    this is a pretty nice offer. I did the same thing as Bryan. I'm maximizing it by using my serve sub accounts. I will end up utilizing this offer on ~15 cards.

    I have become elite plus member thanks to this offer so that's 2.5% towards future best buy purchases. I'm also double dipping with shopkick. That's a very small amount of kicks now as they don't give points on GC load, only on the fees.

    Some stores check for ID and some don't. Hopefully that way one person can go and finish the deal instead of dragging the whole family
  16. LowHassleMS

    LowHassleMS Level 2 Member

    serve sub accounts may be the way to go. You can have 4 per account and they don't ask any identifying info like DOB or SSN.
  17. LowHassleMS

    LowHassleMS Level 2 Member

    they are more leninent with bill pay transactions IME. I combine this will a bill pay using my paypal debit card. I keep enough funds to cover teh whole BP transaction but ask the cashier to pay 200 each with another card. Many a times I can liquidate 600 this way and remaining from paypal account.
  18. Jivepicnic

    Jivepicnic Level 2 Member

    Yesterday (7/30) I noticed an offer in my Ibotta app for $10 off a purchase of $100. This stacks nicely with the Amex Sync offer of $25 off of $250. I can confirm that I got the Ibotta rebate for purchasing VGC at Best Buy on 7/29.
  19. LowHassleMS

    LowHassleMS Level 2 Member

    This is awesome. Since BB promo doesn't require $250 spend in one transaction, this could be a good way to take this deal further.

  20. zceuxbhjutf

    zceuxbhjutf Panel 3 Member

    It's back but targeted (me 0/5). Somebody said if you strike out via the website then try the app, so I gotta try that later. A did a test tweet but it failed.

    Oh BTW mostly all I buy there are VGCs. They had changed how the My Best Buy program worked -- you used to be able to get status with VGCs, then it changed so I lost status. Well there was an iteration of this Amex Offer over the summer which I did in September and somehow I'm back at Elite. If you did similar it's important to check cuz you might be able to turn "point banking" back on like me.
  21. Walmero

    Walmero Level 2 Member

    I waited too long to add :(
  22. lochquel

    lochquel Level 2 Member

    Seems like a bunch of ppl saw it first pop up on 'Old AMEX login' as well. AMEX sure has a weird website situation for these offers.
  23. El Ingeniero

    El Ingeniero Level 2 Member

    I have it on 4 cards. I tried #AmexBestBuy on the ones I have set up and no response. Next week, I'll go in and do 5x$200, and split it 4 ways.
  24. El Ingeniero

    El Ingeniero Level 2 Member

    I bought a bunch of reward certs, and I was able to call in and have them unwound into banked points, about $600 worth.

    Don't forget Shopkick.

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