Air New Zealand Business Premier NRT-AKL


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Biggest take always: 777-200's IFE is horrendous, the beds are the most comfortable I've tried of over 10 airlines, the food is mediocre. Air New Zealand’s Business Premier class was a solid product, but did not meet my lofty expectations after I read other reviews. Sitting up front anywhere is always better than the back. Perhaps I set myself up for failure, but I think a lot had to do with the 777-200 we flew instead of the new 777-300ERs that ANZ also flies. Our second, short hop to Fiji was on the 300ER and it was definitely a nicer, updated product. I would definitely fly ANZ again, in fact we have two more long haul flights with them this year, but I will go out of my way to check the aircraft we will fly and attempt to get on the newer planes.

Wife in herringbone layout.

Best Airplane breakfast I have had - no eggs!

IFE on the 777-200 is just terrible.
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The link is fine. I think if we are going to do reviews probably best to have a bit more detail here, then a 'full story on my blog' link would work better. A couple of photos and notes as a lead in.