Air India First Class Trip Report: DEL-ORD


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Sorry about the picture size, if someone knows how to scale them down please let me know.

I just posted my trip report:

Overall, definitely not on par with the other true First class products offered out there. However, it was a fun adventure and a flight I will not forget.

Seat was old, scuffed, and thin in the bum area for only being 7 years old.

cabin was quite secluded with only 4 seats and a bulkhead separating the rest of the plane

bedding was nothing to speak of, PJs were comfy, but pillow was misicule and covered in a stick faux silk. No amenity kit

Lets just say the food was an adventure as well!

Service was definitely willing but not polished by any means. I was the only F passenger and thus had two attendants to myself the entire 14.5 hours. They were kind, courteous, and genuine but lacked any formal service training.
Coach was oversold by two, so they were strapped in the flight attendant's jumpseats, shoulder straps and all passed out asleep.
Economy had a good, relaxed cocktail party like atmosphere. A lot of people up and about, having lively conversations in the galley areas. There were self service food and beverage carts with little sandwiches and cookies. They were all really concerned when I was back there.

Bottom line - spend your miles on the classic F class experience unless you want something different, this is the place for you. Ground service was excellent with 3 employees meeting me at my arrival gate, escorting me through transfers to the lounge. 2 more handlers then took me from the lounge to boarding, parting the extra security sea at the gate and holding boarding until I was at my seat. A lot of stares and curious looks my way though, haha. It was interesting.

Lounge was lacking, wifi didn't work, no one told me there was food and a bar on the business class side, cold shoulder service. Nice decoration though.