Account Upgrade Enhancements


Staff member
I've made some enhancements to the Account Upgrades here on the forum, and hopefully this post will help explain them!

Silent Supporter
Introduced a 'silent supporter' option. There was some pushback on using supporter banners, so I've introduced the ability to support the forum without it putting a banner on your profile. I see this as a transition to where we might totally do away with them in the future, but don't want to get involved with forcing people to chance/transition right now. If you want to swap from banner to no banner, simply signing up for the new options on the upgrade page should take care of that for you. And I'm here to help.

Support Benefits (with or without a banner)
Premium Supporter Benefits (with or without banner)
  • Ad Free browsing
  • 20% off our Award Booking service fee. (new)
  • AwardWallet Premium upgrade and Onecard (new)
  • Wandr.Me Travel Tools First Class Subscription (new)
  • The ability to build your own private zone within the forum, where you moderate and invite your teams to collaborate
I'll be contacting all of the Supporters and Premium Supporters this week to send out codes to upgrade their accounts with AwardWallet and W.A.T.T First Class, which includes upgrades to some great tools like Hotel Hustle and OneWorld Award searches

The Level 3 confusion
Some people still think that they can access Level 3 by buying Premium Supporter. I'm sorry for the confusion here, but here's what is happening:

Premium Supporters are able to BUILD their own private areas, they are the moderator, and control who accesses the forums. We have many such areas that are managed directly by the Premium Supporters. To clarify:
  • You do NOT need to be a Premium Supporter to access Level 3 IE we have people who are not supporters in these areas
  • I do not control who gets in or gets out of the private areas (known as Level 3) you can't get access by asking me, or bribing me.. well.. unless you have a lot of Krug.
I'm hoping to add more value/tools as I can, so if you have suggestions/ideas for things you think we could achieve here then please let me know!