AA Didn't charge me for an Award Flight


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My brother and I recently booked and flew 2 RT CX F Award tickets using AA miles from my account. AA only withdrew miles for 3 one-way tickets, they didn't charge me for the 4th ticket. From what I can tell, it looks like AA must've made an error in redepositing the miles when I made changes to the destination of the award tickets. I'm not complaining of course...just curious. Has anyone ever had this happen?


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The old BMI forum on FT has many stories of this type of thing. I've seen it happen with Lifemiles. But haven't heard of it with AA myself.


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Used to happen with US. Frequently. Not necessarily free, but undercharged, or miles deducted only for one person on a 2 person award PNR. Haven't had that kind of "mistake" in my favor with anyone for some time though.