A great prepaid card for my needs


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Hi everybody! I'm just wanting to share my experience of receiving a debit card with a hot crypto wallet option. I use it wherever mastercard is accepted). This card features no setup and annual fees.
Top up fee from other cards is 3,5%. Cash withdrawals If you are a EU resident are free up to 200 EUR per month from EU ATMS. A fee of 1% is added for withdrawals above that amount. For non-residents it's always 2%. As for non-EU ATMs 1% and 2% for non-residents, min 1.50 euro. A plus for me is that if your average monthly balance is more than 300 euros and card turnover is at least 200 euros, the interest on the balance is 2.2% + 0,1% cashback on purchases. Foreign transactions carry no fees.

So far i'm really satisfied with it