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5/24 rule for chase business cards


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Depends on the issuing bank of the business card, but generally no. For example, Chase's own biz cards do not count against 5/24, but Cap1 biz cards show on your personal report, and therefore do count toward 5/24.


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Chase Visa Signature Card (Business) was declined citing too many credit cards opened in last 2 years. I asked the rep how many and he said 8. Apparently they look at personal cards when approving for Business cards.
To clarify the above, all credit cards count for 5/24 unless it’s a business card that does not show up on your personal credit report.

However, there are certain Chase Business cards that you can get like Southwest, CIP, and United that don’t take up a slot. Theoretically if you had five Chase business cards you would be 0/24 and you could get five personal Chase cards.


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I also keep a spreadsheet. I find it easier to track all cards opening date, closing date, date the bonus posted, annual fees, etc. I keep separate pages for my cards and my wife's in chronological order.


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Is 5/24 rule applicable to chase business cards?
Chase Ink, United Business, and Southwest Business applications require you to be below 5/24 to be approved, but the new business card won't add to your 5/24 count for future Chase applications.

Chase Marriott Business Premier doesn't require you to be below 5/24 to be approved and also doesn't add to your 5/24 count.