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$10 VGC with $50 restaurant gift card purchase

Discussion in 'Other Deals' started by jumpyshoes, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. jumpyshoes

    jumpyshoes Level 2 Member

    (sorry if this isn't the right place to put this, mods please delete/move as desired)

    Simon malls has a $10 VGC for $50 restaurant gift card purchase deal going on. Expires 1/15/17. Restaurants available:
    - Steak n' Shake
    - Applebee's
    - Domino's
    - IHOP
    - Cheesecake factory
  2. projectx

    projectx Level 2 Member

    Bought one this weekend. Total PITA.

    1 per person. CSR had to fill out a form, though it was small. The gift card froze her register. Twice. Third try using a different card worked, but they have to go through a bunch of gyrations in the system for it to work, and it just so happened the cashier screwed it up. Had to get help from the manager, who had to call IT... never again.

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