1. heavenlyjane

    Missing credit for IHG Accelerate Promotion

    I stayed at the Holiday Inn Charles de Gaulle airport a couple of weeks ago in order to hit 3 of my Q2 2016 offer. IHG has acknowledge that two offers have been fulfilled (Stay Once and Stay Early) but the third one (Earn More Faster) has not. I am not sure if I should be patient or if I need...
  2. Suzie

    IHG Ambassador Free Weekend Question

    When booking the free second night with Ambassador Weekend Cert, do they average the cost of the two nights or charge the first night and the second is free. I booked a Friday and Saturday - the Saturday night is $100 more, but when making the reservation and viewing t reservation details, it...
  3. A

    BRGs at IHG

    So just curious if anyone else has had a similar experience. I've been working on BRGs for an upcoming trip to vegas. I found what I thought was a valid BRG for the Venetian via easytobook.com. The refundable rate was available to book when I made my booking, but when IHG looked the...
  4. dockers

    Datapoint - 60k + $50 Credit IHG Matched to 80k (but not $50) Offer

    Hi all, Just signed up for the IHG card that offers 60k in points and a $50 statement credit after the first purchase. I'd seen that the 80k/$50 offer had been sporadically available over the past couple of months. Tried to get it via a ghost booking, etc., never got it. Decided to pull the...