Where I Buy My Reload Packs

When I started gift card churning, I slowed down my purchases of reload packs. Since running into troubles selling gift cards, I have slowed substantially on purchasing gift cards and ramped up production of reloading prepaid cards. I still enjoy gift card churning, but

Here is my list of where I buy my reload packs with credit card:

Vanilla Reloads:

  • CVS – Drugstore
  • 7 Eleven – Gas Station OR Grocery


Vanilla Reload from 7 Eleven, notice the new security stripe versus the old greenish tint. With the new security stripe, there is no way to lift the scratch portion.


  • Rite Aid – Drugstore

PayPal My Cash:

  • CVS – Drugstore
  • 7 Eleven – Gas Station OR Grocery

Here is why I say 7 Eleven is a Gas Station OR Grocery:


For comparison, I added a trip to A&P and as you can see, 7 Eleven is coded the same way as a real supermarket. This is why I posted that I am thinking about opening the American Express Premier Rewards Gold. I could be earning 2x Membership Rewards.


chase_ink_bold_gasgift card churning

As you can see above, Chase identifies 7 Eleven as a gas station. Now if I were to sign up for the US Bank Flexperks I would be covered on the 7 Eleven purchases for either  gas station or supermarket. My hunch is that it will be coded as a gas station as it is a Visa and it was this site that alerted me 7 Eleven is a “gas station.”

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  • Good for you but here in the Bay Area – San Jose, CA – the register is keyed to NOT accept a CC for either MP or VR, you can buy the Visa GC with a CC, but NOT VR or MP or PP – all of those require that you use a Debit Card – bites!

  • Question: how your Chase stats show “Expense Category” column?
    Mine don’t. Is it because yours a business card?

    • Correct, it was from the Ink Bold


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