How To Use Your One Time Use Prepaid Cards

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We know there are 3 major issuers of the one time use prepaid cards:

  • MetaBank
  • US Bank
  • Bancorp

Each company has a quirky way of using and setting the PIN. With MetaBank, the PIN is the last 4 and Bancorp is any 4. Remember when we talked about using prepaid cards at Vcom ATMs? Some worked and some don’t. As far as I know it hasn’t been published why some cards work and some don’t.

For instance, let’s take another look at the transaction history when we used our Paypal Debit card at Vcom:

Prepaid Cards


If you look carefully, you’ll see why it worked and other cards won’t. There was a time that OneVanilla cards worked on a Vcom ATM, and then it disappeared. So if you connect the dots, you’ll know how to use a one time use prepaid card with more success than failure.

Something as large scale as this requires a collective effort, we’ll see you on the Forum as it’s also very regional based.

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