Unexpected News From US Airways Credit Card

Early this year, I canceled my US Airways Mastercard. Recently, I signed up for another US Airways Premier World Mastercard and have been pleasantly surprised. At first, I was downtrodden because Barclay’s gave me a $3,000 credit limit and led me to believe that I received the lessor product.

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On the first purchase and after paying the $89 annual fee, you will receive 40,000 miles and a slew of other benefits like companion pass for $99 with restrictions, lounge pass, priority boarding, and a few other things that you’ve seen ad nausem.

Because of the low credit limit, I called the customer service to ask about the sign up bonus and the agent confirmed: 40,000 US Airways miles AND 10,000 miles as an anniversary bonus!

I’ll call Barclay’s again just to double check – I wasn’t expecting to hear the anniversary since I was only listening if I was approved for the 40k miles on first purchase.

And don’t sign up because everyone is telling you to sign up and you have the fear of missing out as Joe mentions.

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  • Why not call again to confirm rather than putting out a tease post?

    • I called Wednesday evening, received an email regarding the customer service on Thursday. Did not want to call back to back days because it’s clear that they are tracking the reason for calling from a customer service standpoint. I want to give it a few days then call back reconfirming.

  • 10k bonus miles indefinitely or after 1st anniversary only?

    • It sounded like indefinitely so long as it’s the Barclay’s US Airways card.

  • Any ideas on what will happen with the companion tickets once the two programs merge next Spring?

    • My belief is that it will continue to exist so long as you still hold the Barclay’s US Airways card and not the new American Airlines Aviator series


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