Short On Transactions For American Express Everyday Cards? Here’s How To Fix That Problem

What I loved about the old Chase Freedom they used to give you 10 points per transaction. They have done away with it. Now, American Express is introducing a minimum number of transactions for a 20 or 50% bonus. If you are coming short and need to hit the 20 or 30 transaction, my suggest would be to buy small amounts of Amazon gift cards. It looks like you could buy up $.15 Amazon gift cards without any problems.

American Express amex_everyday_preferred

From FatWallet:

Posted by: monarch

Amazon caught onto the penny GC after 7 days..
I suspect that they will change the .15 GC very soon, now that this post is out there.
First person to make a thread about places that sell low value GC is going to get alot of green.
They did not however catch onto other ways to buy penny items from them.



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  • Just use Amazon payments to make $1 payments X 30

  • I don’t have the Everyday card (yet) but I would make the required number of donations to a charity via PayPal. I did this for quite awhile with Discover for a 0 percent for the life of the balance offer that required something like four or five transactions every month in order to maintain the 0 percent rate.

  • Some other ideas:

    * Put items through your self check out register one at a time (obviously do this when it’s not busy)
    * Pump gas in small increments (again do this when it’s not busy)
    * Donate to charity (some charities allow you to donate as little as $1)

  • I seem to recall reading somewhere on the interwebs that if you do too many small Amazon payments, Amazon gets a little cranky. I’ve never done more than five in a day myself and haven’t had any problems.

    • I have been doing up to 20 AP transactions a day for several months without any issues. My checking account gives me a monthly bonus only if I do > 12 transactions. So AP is the easiest way to meet that need.

  • Thanks for all the feedback everyone, some great tips!


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