My Thoughts On CVS Ending Prepaid Card Purchases With Credit Cards

It has been reported that starting tomorrow, March 31, CVS will no longer accept credit cards for all prepaid cards including debit card swipe reloads. The new policy will be cash only for all purchases.

While the memo has been circulated as a corporate direction, I don’t expect all POS systems will be updated with the new code that will have a hard stop for the prepaid cards. If you can find a willing cashier, you might be successful in making a purchase.

Imagine if there was a bug in the code point of sale code and they deployed overnight into 7,600+ CVS stores that would be a gigantic nightmare for the IT and helpdesk staff. The prudent choice for the systems team, which I know they would be doing, is piloting in certain areas and have a release schedule to incorporate the latest code.

Good luck out there!

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  • Purely from an IT standpoint, it does not seem to be difficult. They already have restriction on Green Dot Moneypaks which cannot be purchased with CC’s. It’s just a matter of adding more product codes into the same table.

    • You’re right KP, but it still poses significant risk in rolling it all out to every store.


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