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Since Twitter is really putting a cramp on things where I can’t send a link, here’s the gist of what I’m currently working on to make my life easier in finding a gift card deal on eBay. So if there’s ever a gift card deal + increased eBay Bucks, you can check the document and quickly see what cards are on sale and find a profitable gift card churn



So from the graphic above, we see Sears, Staples, Kmart, Global Hotel Card Powered by Orbitz, Domino’s, Friday’s, Facebook, Steak ‘n Shake, and Nexon are all on sale.

On Monday, I will have a full write up and how you can do it yourself.

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  • Very nice! Importhtml I’m guessing? I’ve started using that function to track stocks and my retirement funds.

    Also, you can trigger email or text alerts using Google App Script.

  • I’m guessing that ImportXML was probably used.


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