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Here are several posts that I encourage you to check out because when I read them I was making mental notes:


In a separate note, I stumbled upon buying a gift card online with a gift card and after the purchasing the gift card still had its original value. I am NOT going to test it, but there’s a giant fraudulent loophole I will never look into.

Basically, it looks like there’s a lag of when your credit card has been charged and the downstream system hasn’t registered the gift card has been used. This gives you a window, not sure the time, to allow you to use the gift card again. Scary thoughts that it’s even remotely possible.

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  • Thanks for including the link to my swagbucks post! My swagbucks account is now showing as pending, so I don’t see why the points wouldn’t post. Did you ever get my e-mail about bank accounts that are credit card fundable?

    • Anytime! Hopefully the pending isnt’ like my UPromise + Best Buy experience, pending for over 4 months.

      I did not see the email, searched through my inbox + spam and didn’t see anything. Could you try again?

      • Just tried again, hopefully it goes through this time. If not, send me an e-mail to will at doctorofcredit.com so I can reply to that!


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