PSA: Read This Before Converting To The New Serve

There is a post on Doctor of Credit, we learned about new versions of the Serve card. Some of the new versions include a blue, green, and silver version. @MissDSchnei who uncovered the unadvertised Office Max deal also alerted me that the new Serve cards are not behaving like they are supposed to which include the inability to load your Serve card at Walmart.

The Transition

The motivation for Deanna to convert from a Bluebird was to use the credit card loads for free at home $20 a month profit from her recent approval for the Fidelity AMEX. I thought her plan was bulletproof. Max out Bluebird loads in the beginning of the month then convert into a Serve within August and load another $5000 so for one month in the transition she will double her loads to $10,000 in the month. She knocked it out quickly in the first 2 weeks of August and processed the closure to the Bluebird and new application for the Serve around August 14.

Her new card arrived last week and at one point during the week, there were reports of other people having Serve issues with loading at Walmart. It wasn’t until corroborating with her new miles and points friend that she figured out the Serve card she received is currently a dud to use at Walmart.


The New Serve

Serve card


On the Serve website, you can see that the Green Serve explicitly says you can load at Walmart. As it happens, Deanna has a blue Serve and is unable to load her Serve at Walmart. You can not tell that Walmart is not an option to load until you physically have a card and log into the website. Below is a screenshot after logging in the available options to reload:



Notice, Walmart is “coming soon.” In her repeated attempts, the Walmart cashier tried everything including “action code 70” but loading this Serve is not an option and a slip like the picture below will be printed.



What This Means

If you are planning to switch from the old Serve to a new Serve, like the silver one, you might not be able to load at Walmart. If you are planning to continue to load your Serve at Walmart, ensure you grab the green one like Deanna’s new friend.

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  • I applied for this Serve card last month and didn’t see the options for the Green card. But as you described, my card wouldn’t work at Kate. I posted about it on FT but people assumed I was doing it wrong.

    • Mike, if you are the one who posted on FT and had a few responses, I just posted a response there as well. Looking to gather additional information

  • So the original serve is no longer working to load at Walmart?

    • It still does at least should, just not the new blue ones

      • Wife loaded $200 x3 this morning to Softserve.

  • Just followed the thread on FT to this post — read the fine print. When you apply for a Serve card, there’s a small link “not your card?” under the description for the blue. I was able to select the green then and apply.
    Hopefully will be able to update shortly on FT with a success story.


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