Preliminary Thoughts On Neiman Marcus Credit Card

A little while back, I wrote about not signing up for more “mainstream” travel cards and I am trying not to duplicate the efforts of MilesAbound  and PF Digest started to look into other retailers’ cards.

I signed up for the Neiman Marcus credit card and I am completely underwhelmed. This is my own fault for not thoroughly researching the card as much as I could have. You can only use the credit card at Neiman Marcus since it is neither a Visa or Mastercard. The card is issued by Capital One.

credit card



Since Neiman Marcus is an ultra luxury retailer, they offer concierge services and a few other goodies in the portal. Nothing too spectacular.

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  • Lots of decent credit union cards out there, the fort knox is a 5% earner on gas and it doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves.

    • I haven’t looked into credit unions too much, but I definitely agree there’s a lot of cards that don’t receive enough attention


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