Potentially Lucrative Cathay Pacific Asia Miles Transfer Deal

Hat Tip to Loyalty Lobby for spotting this one

Depending on the way you transfer points into your Cathay Pacific Asia Miles account you could earn a bonus with a minimum varying percentage of 10 up to 16.67 back


Mile Minimum Bonus %
6000 600 10
30000 4000 13.33
70000 10000 14.29
150000 25000 16.67


The Terms and Conditions below are a little hazy. Loyalty Lobby thinks that transferring points from hotel programs would count towards the bonus. I can’t tell about the hotel programs, but it looks like point transfers from Starwood Preferred Guest counts. Stacking the SPG bonus could be like the last American Airlines promo where you can double dip SPG’s 20k:25k transfer.

Asia Miles Asiamiles_hyatt Asiamiles_marriott Asiamiles_SPG

Part of the T&C also says “Finance categories” are eligible for earning miles. They specifically exclude American Express Membership Reward transfers. However, it doesn’t say anything about Citibank’s transfer.

It is a little confusing because it conflicts between what’s eligible and what’s not eligible.


Here are the terms and conditions:

Mega Miles Giveaway 2014 – Terms and Conditions

  • The promotion period is from 15 September to 31 October 2014 (Hong Kong time zone GMT +8), both dates inclusive (“Promotion Period”).

  • Members must register on the promotion website and earn regular miles (“Eligible Miles”) during the promotion period in order to earn bonus miles. All Eligible Miles should be earned in our 8 non-airline categories: Finance & Insurance, Hotels, Telecoms, Cars & Transport, Retail, Dining & Banquets, Travel & Leisure and Professional Services. The activity date shown on your Asia Miles or Marco Polo Clubmonthly statement must fall between 15 September and 31 October 2014 and the miles must have been credited to members’ accounts on or before 12 December 2014. The crediting period for earned miles varies among partners.

  • Eligible Miles refer to the regular miles earned in the non-airline categories mentioned in Clause 2 which include:

    • For the Finance category: the regular miles (excluding bonus miles) directly earned with American Express Cathay Pacific Credit Card, RBC® Cathay Pacific Visa‡ Platinum Card and Bank of Communications Asia Miles Credit Card; and miles converted from designated credit cards bank points with the regular conversion rate.
    • For the Insurance, Hotels, Telecoms, Cars & Transport, Retail, Dining & Banquets, Travel & Leisure and Professional Services categories: Only the miles earned by spending or point conversion via any non-airline partners.
  • Miles earned during the promotion period that are NOT considered as Eligible Milesinclude:

    • All bonus and extra miles offered by partners during this promotion period will not be counted towards the bonus miles in this promotion.
    • For the Finance category:
      • the miles converted from Membership Rewards points from American Express Cardmember accounts;
      • miles earned via American Express Cathay Pacific Corporate Card;
      • miles earned via welcome offer and promotions (including points conversion promotions);
      • any miles earned from other banking products within the Finance category
    • Miles earned by spending at Asia Miles iShop, miles given in partners’ lucky draw promotions; and miles converted via points.com.
  • Eligible Miles earned during the promotion period will be accumulated and used to determine the entitled amount of bonus miles according to the table below:

  • Each member can only register and participate once. The four bonus miles tiers are mutually exclusive and each member is only entitled to bonus miles in one tier. Maximum 25,000 bonus miles can be earned per Asia Miles member. Corporate Asia Miles members are not eligible to participate in this promotion.

  • The bonus miles will be credited to membership accounts within 8-10 weeks after the end of promotion.

  • Asia Miles Limited reserves the right to alter or terminate the promotion and amend the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

  • All matters or disputes will be subject to the final decision of Asia Miles Limited.

  • Other Asia Miles terms and conditions apply.



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