Paypal Now Accepting Prepaid Gift Cards

As I continue to push towards $30,000 on my American Express Starwood Preferred Guest card, I saw this incredibly exciting link while purchasing gift cards on Paypal. Unfortunately, I do not have any prepaid cards on hand to test this out, but as soon as I do I will be sure to follow up with it.




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  • Have you tested this?

    • Not yet, I have not purchased a prepaid card. I try not to have any lying around to test.

  • i did this and it linked. i will update when i make a purchase as it looks like paypal made some changes to their site…

    • Please do! I still haven’t had the chance to try it out yet

  • Any updates on this, successful or otherwise?

    • Not yet! I am planning to pick up some gift cards to test this out. I went away shortly after the post and I liquidated everything I had and haven’t had the chance to buy a prepaid card.

      It has been posted on the Paypal site with some details. From what I saw on the Internet, a person to person transfer there would be a % fee charged.


    • Pretty painless process, just add the card and make the purchase. Unfortunately, Paypal will still assess a fee if doing a person to person transfer, but at least they now allow it to be used online.


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