PayPal My Cash & eBay Bucks

I’m not sure what possessed me the other day to purchase a PayPal My Cash, but I did. I used my Chase Freedom and purchased the card.

The mistake with using that was card I am not trying to fulfill the minimum spend. Another mistake is that I did not know that funding PayPal with My Cash I must use the new cash balance. I plan to do some gift card churning for 2% back on all gift card purchases via eBay and their “eBay Bucks”. Unfortunately, eBay Bucks is not eligible on eBay gift cards when you buy through eBay which means you can’t double dip for 4%.

You need to enroll in eBay Bucks, but as soon as you do, it’s instant.

I bought a few gift cards that were just about 20% off the value, I would be earning 2% back from eBay and depending if Plastic Jungle is the best place for me to sell, an additional 2.5% back from TopCashBack.

Let’s quickly run through the math:

Gift card value 100
Purchased at 80
eBay Bucks 1.6
PlasticJungle via TCB 2
% back 3.60%

If Plastic Jungle buys the card from me at 79% I would be making 2.6% back. I’m willing for the spread to go down to 0% because then it’d mean I spent nothing for free points. Obviously, I would not mind if it was in the positive territory so I can make a little money and reinvest into gift card churning.

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