Owning The Process of Manufactured Spending

The article by Marathon Man is  highly recommended and excellent read, and he quotes my buddy MilesAbound about owning and creating a process. Without the process, you will never learn with the hand holding when someone tells you what to do.

I want to touch upon the process that happens all the time. In fact, I included it in one of  entrance application essays to one of the business schools. The topic was something along the lines about being in New York and what it did to teach you to become successful. In lesser words, New York has taught me to be resourceful, especially riding the subway.

I’ve seen far too many people who don’t know how to ride the subway or navigate the streets of Manhattan because the native people handhold and guide the directions.

If you were in Times Square and asked for directions to go to Coney Island to see the hot dog eating contest on July 4 and needed to be there at a certain time for the main event, the first train someone may tell you is to take the south bound Q train.

While still in Times Square, you catch wind from Twitter that your train is now delayed.


What do you do? Well, all that hand holding told you  only know how to take the Q, you’ll be late and miss the main event.





But if you learn the process, you would be able to catch that the N train to Coney Island and make it to see a few folks stuff some hot dogs down their throat.



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  • What business school are you attending, or attended? Just wondering.



    • The entrance essay I mentioned was from NYU – I am in Rutgers’ Flex MBA program


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