New Online Portals Surfacing

Has anyone noticed all the new online portals popping up lately? The other week, Virgin America brought out a mall as well. They are offering 500 miles on your first purchase until September 30.



Today, I received an email from Jetblue launching their Trueblue mall:

Online Portals

The latest malls have not been using Cartera, but a company called Collinson Latitude which seems to be part of points.com




Outside of these two airlines, I know of the following that are using/used this platform:

  • Amtrak
  • Avianca Lifemiles (discontinued)


Due to the nature of the new malls and run by a different company, old practices of points not being awarded for gift card purchases may or may not work with Collinson Latitude/Points.com

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  • I don’t think JetBlue’s shopping portal is new but rather maybe revamped. I definitely remember looking at them in the past but then the portal went down for a while.

    • Thanks – this was the first time for me seeing it.

      Hopefully LifeMiles is like that too


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