New A And P Supermarket Gift Card Churn Opportunity

This is not as exciting or profitable as the last A&P deal. This deal becomes more or less a wash so it doesn’t matter which card you use, but to maximize you want to use a supermarket bonus card like the American Express Premier Rewards Gold or US Bank Flexperks.

The promo details:

It runs from 1/31/14 to 2/14/14 and is applicable only to the following 3 cards:

  • Spafinder
  • Sephora
  • Applebees

To maximize the deal: buy in multiple transactions of $50 of Sephora or Applebees gift cards and you will receive $10 in A&P gift checks for your future transaction.

Gift Card


Basically, you will be buying the gift cards at 20% savings and would be a wash if you do Applebees or you could earn 1% back if you sell to ABC Gift Cards or Gift Card Zen




Final Thoughts:

This “deal” isn’t really a deal because it becomes a wash. 20% off buying a gift card and selling at 80%. I would point out that you should keep an eye out on your local circulars at the supermarkets for opportunities like this to gift card churn profitably.

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