My Latest Applications Update

The other week, I wrote about my applications and which cards came in. I can now proudly say all of my cards I have been approved and are in my hands.

US Bank pulled my credit report from Trans Union and they mailed me a letter stating that my FICO score was 758 which was in line with what Credit Karma produced. Discover used Equifax and they told me my FICO was 820.

What I found odd was the Discover’s letter said a “high of 850” and US Bank said 839 is the highest for the FICO score.

Regardless, I am excited to have all my cards that I applied.

My US Bank Cash+ card, I chose 2% back on Drug Store purchases and 5% back on Bill Pay and Home Improvement. I plan on purchasing many gift cards from various big chain pharmacies and going to Lowe’s for prepaid gift cards, store specific. Besides using the prepaid cards to load my AMEX Campus Edition card, I am still thinking of ways to get the cash off.

I haven’t decided how I will pay for our cell phone bill yet, as I could potentially use the Ink Bold for 5x or the Bill Pay for 5% back.

I still have about $4,000 worth of spend on the Ink Bold within the next 2 months for my 50,000 Ultimate Reward points signing bonus. I think the best way for me to hit the spend is to buy store specific gift cards at an office supply store, find out the best site through GiftCardGranny.com, and then resell them at the highest percent.

My Citi Forward will be used mainly for the campus book store to load the Campus Edition card as well as Amazon purchases.

The Discover card I will use for the rotating categories. It’s unfortunate that in order to earn 1% cash back you must spend $3000. Anything under $3000 earns .25%

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