More Monday Matches

Here are the matches to some of the most popular search terms that referred to Chasing The Points

  • Manufacture Spending American Express – Depending on the AMEX card, it would take different strategies. For instance if you are earning 1x on everything like the Starwood Preferred Guest or Platinum then you may want to read my post: Gift Card Churning – SPG + Cash back = Make Free SPG Points. Obviously, if there is a bonus on the card of large spend bonuses that would change the direction of how to manufacture spending
  • Does Walmart Sell Vanilla Reload or Moneypak? – While Vanilla Reload’s Site says Walmart, I have not had any luck in finding it. Moneypaks can be purchased at their kiosks.
  • Rite Aid Cash Back Limit – $100 and if you have not checked this out, I’d highly encourage you to see my List of Useful Information
  • Why is Plastic Jungle Shutting Down? – they wanted to work as a business to business partner. We as the customer would sell our gift cards and they would change the value of the cards into miles with United or CVS points, etc
  • Does a bookstore count as office supplies for Ink Bold? – No it does not
  • What is the PayPal Cashback Earning Rate? – 1% if you sign up with their debit MasterCard. Once you sign up you must enroll in their Preferred Rewards. The cash back is credited to your account the following calendar month.
  • Does AMEX Bluebird Use MoneyPak? – directly? No. However, if you have a partner you could. Load up the American Express Serve with the MoneyPaks and send the money into your Bluebird account. You could read my analysis on that here.
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