Money Maker On Gift Cards With Chase But Limited To Specific Customers

Redeem 1,850 points for a $25 gift card, the following gift cards are on the 26% sale:

  • Best Western
  • Fairmont Hotels & Resorts
  • Hyatt Hotels & Resorts
  • Marriott
  • Ritz Carlton

For those Chase customers who have the Amazon Visa card, you can earn some money redeeming your points for travel gift cards and reselling. Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell how long this will last.

Gift Cards



If I had points, I would redeem for the Marriott gift cards and resell at 88%, you would be making an 18.9% return redeeming your points and selling on Cardpool. Next on the list would be Hyatt, still a money-maker on the gift card churn, but not as profitable as they resell for 85% on Cardpool.


Thanks to the Doctor of Credit for reminding me,  don’t forget to sign up with TopCashBack and clicking through Cardpool for 4% cash back up to $1000.


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  • I don’t see how this is a money maker, just seems to be a way to cash out points at more than 1c per. Remember TCB offers an extra 4% on cards sold to cardpool as well.

    • Yep, it is cashing out for more than $.01/point – extracting additional value, making money

      Thanks for the reminder on the TCB will update the post!


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