Mets Tickets Giveaway For Monday September 21

I donated blood the other week and the New York Blood Center gave away 2 Mets tickets as a thank you. Due to a scheduling conflict, I can’t make it to this game. Therefore, I’m giving it away.

The game details are:

  • September 21, 2015 – the Mets will be at home playing against the Braves
  • You will be in Section 502, Row 7, Seats 13 and 14

Mets Tickets

How To Win:

  • The pair of tickets will be given away
  • Leave 1 comment in this post before August 26 11:59 EDT, 1 entry per person, please.
  • I will choose a random person who leaves a comment with a working email address, if I don’t receive a confirmation within 24 hours from the winner, then I will choose the next person.
  • You must feel comfortable giving me your address because I will be mailing you two physical tickets.
  • If I there’s any mix ups in this giveaway some how, I make the last and final decision.


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  • Do these come with binoculars?

  • Wait, just one minute!

    Are you saying that you live in the NYC metro area, an area reputed to me one of the most dfficult — from what I have read — to MS????????????????????


    Am really in awe of your skills!

  • All I get when i give blood is a cookie.

  • Soooo…they have money to buy and give away Mets tickets but withdrew and refuse to provide food and water to their 66 research chimps they released in Liberia knowing they would die of starvation and dehydration? Interesting. Maybe there is a better place to donate blood to?

    • Kindly leave your PETA politics out of it.

      Not all animal lovers are so nuts, first of all.

      Second, very likely the Red Cross did not pay for those tix, they probably were a donation frm the Mets — who stink by the way — who they probably got a tax write off by donating them to the red Cross.

      Now, care to come off you soapbox and provide commetary remotely relating to travel???????


  • I’m a huge Mets fan/travel enthusiast living in NYC. As much as I want these tickets, I hope someone else wins them because I’ll be watching my Jets play the Colts that night.

  • I’d love to win the tickets to watch the game! Both my husband and I would really appreciate it.

  • I’d gladly go

  • Would love to go! Lifelong Mets fan in NYC and big fan of the blog!


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