Jump Through Some Hoops And Get A 2 Night Stay At Select Hyatt Properties

Saw this on Flyertalk where the original poster, catonis, wrote about a Rite Aid offer called “Happy You Year” and you can redeem for 2 nights at select Hyatts around the world.

From Rite Aid on how it works:

Step 1:
Purchase participating products at Rite Aid or online at riteaid.com with your wellness+ card between December 28, 2014 and January 24, 2015. Click here to see participating products or look for a shelf sign in store to see which items will count toward your rewards!

Step 2:
For every $50 you spend, you will receive a Unique Reward Code on your receipt. Check your register receipt to see how close you are to receiving a Unique Reward Code.

How it works
Step 3:
Create your account on the Sign Up/Log In page, add the Unique Reward Codes you received on your receipt, and redeem your credit towards rewards!

Step 4:
Please remember that your Unique Reward Codes and credit on your account will expire at 12:00AM PT February 25, 2015. After that point you will no longer be able to redeem rewards.

So, you need to spend $250 worth of product by January 24. You must redeem your “Unique Reward Codes” by 11:59PM PT February 24, 2015.

There’s some hoops to jump through before you can redeem for the 2 night stay as documented on Rite Aid’s site with my emphasis:

Receive 2 free nights at over 350 participating Hyatt hotels! Hyatt is a leader in the global hospitality industry with a rich, fifty-year history, allowing guests to discover destinations ranging from spectacular mountain vistas, to exciting cities and idyllic desert retreats, all with the hospitality Hyatt hotels has to offer. Check out the participating Hyatt locations here. Dates of hotel stay must be within 365 days but at least 4 weeks out from the date the Booking Form is completed and submitted. With this reward you will provide us with three preferred participating Hyatt locations (and dates) you would like to visit and as long as there is availability through this promotion, we will book the 2 night stay for you! To learn more about the redemption steps and expiration dates, check out the details on the FAQ page.

Please read the reward Terms and Conditions.

Basically, you need to go through Rite Aid and give them a 4 week notice of your 2 night stay with 3 Hyatt locations in the reward certificate.

You receive 1 code for every $50 in spend from the eligible product list which is quite comprehensive. If you have the time, I’d go through a gift card exchange site like Cardpool and buy approximately $250 worth of value for 10% off. Then buy products that you would definitely use, like toilet paper, paper towels, dish detergent, laundry detergent, general purpose cleaners, and other products that would have a good use and not $250 worth of SlimJim.

In Sum:

The hoops you need to jump to redeem for the 2 night stay:

  • Buy $250 worth of merchandise in the eligibility list
  • Enter Codes
  • Request 3 locations with a 4 week notice of the properties you’d like to stay and Rite Aid will book you into one of those properties.

I like to jump through hoops to manufacture spend, but this one is too many and too restrictive.


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  • I think the RCI week is actually the interesting part of this deal. I pay $249 for a vacation cert that is the exact same as the one offered.

    • + getting a tangible,useful product as well! Almost a double dip scenario. Too bad there’s a few hoops to jump through. The 3 properties choice is the deal breaker for me since there’s no guarantee of getting resort choice #1


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