This Is The Internet Don’t Believe Everything You Read

There’s a lot of talk on the Internet with false quotes and improper citations. My favorite is the one attached above with Abraham Lincoln saying don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. I’ve seen far too many people believe unreal quotes on the site, Failbook, all of which are pretty funny.  That being said, you should not take whatever any customer service rep says at any of your favorite manufactured spending location.

Here are two instances that occurred to me that made me realize the CSR was scared, nervous, or did not know the policy or know how to use the POS (point of sale) terminal:

  • Location1
    • Item to be purchased: Paypal My Cash card
  • Location2
    • Item to be purchased: Everyone’s favorite prepaid card

At location one at a new store I don’t always shop, I handed the Paypal My Cash card upside down with the barcode up, as I extended my hand across the terminal, it was a little shaky. That was the cue for the CSR to read the front side and immediately declare cash only. I gave my best, cute, eyelash bat I could give (I really didn’t, just a quizzical look) and said “Oh? I’m sorry, I don’t have the cash. Could we try credit?” She was reluctant, but conceded and asked the manager who was there, and he said the Paypal activation was down. That instance didn’t really register into my head except bad timing.

It took Location2 for me to realize that at Location1 that the CSR did not know the policy and was coming up with her own rules. At Location2, my usual CSR I work with is no longer there, and I tried buying our favorite prepaid card. The CSR said cash only. I took a deliberate, pregnant pause, and she called over the manager who I know and we’re on a first name basis. He told the CSR, that I’m a regular and that I’m the “only” one that could purchase the cards with credit. I thanked the manager profusely and he took care of the transaction.

A day after the purchase at Location2, I picked up another card. The same CSR, who initially denied me the purchase, was the CSR again and tried to check me out with the purchase. It turns out she did not know how to use the POS to complete the purchase. It took the manager to walk her through each of the steps and I went on my merry way.

It took a combination of three visits and two stores that, it is very likely the CSR’s don’t know all of the nuances of the stores’ policies or procedures. Therefore, without being a jerk, you need to persuade the CSR to allow you to run a credit transaction. I will only believe a cash only store policy if the POS automatically declines the transcation, like 7-Eleven and Vanilla Reloads. as you can’t persuade the POS to accept credit or not.

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  • This also applies to information found on forums. There are a whole heap of people running around posting incorrect information in the hopes of keeping deals on the down low. In the end they are only shooting themselves in the foot.

  • Happened to me all the time. Just remember your favorite CSR working schedule.


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