In Case You Didn’t Know About People In This Hobby – They Are Entrepreneurs

Just wanted to say one word: “wow.” In the last two weeks after chatting and meeting with everyone, there’s one underlying, simple thing I wanted to mention that people might not realize. Everyone in this hobby are entrepreneurs and could very well be a CEO. We might not be in the typical sense of “entrepreneur” with the thought of starting our own business, but I have to say that everyone have all of the traits of a highly successful CEO of a Fortune 50 company.

Here’s my observations that made me come to the conclusion:

  • People are always honing their craft doing things bigger and better
  • They are insanely passionate
  • Folks are driven, they find new ways to maximize the system
  • Incredibly resourceful, when something goes awry they are able to resolve the issue

For fun, I Googled “traits of a successful CEO” and found this article on Fast Company. I didn’t think some of the ones listed at first, but these ring true for all the hobbyists out there as well:




I’ve been saying for years that if you’re having difficult manufactured spending in NYC, you’re not trying hard enough. And really, it’s like point #1, knowing your market. It goes hand in hand when I said people are resourceful, the good MS’ers know how to dance around bad news, like when Vanilla Reloads from CVS shut down, they knew what to move on to the next big thing. Or a giant devaluation in a certain frequent flier program, they will move on to the next one that provides value.

The big one is expanding your network, and it was just a great sight to see everyone talking to each other and getting to know one and another both online and real life.

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  • This post is absolutely on point. The people that you meet in this hobby are fascinating. The ones who stay in the game are creative, out of the box thinkers. And while I enjoy the travel and cash benefits of this hobby, I have to admit that it is the game playing aspect that keeps me hooked.

    • The people are fascinating to hear their stories as well, sometimes I am amazed in the hobby and how sometimes I have more energy for it than school because of how hooked I am

  • Also: Diversify to hedge against unknown future changes.

  • I thnk the ability to truely listen is one of those key traits. So many people just want to hear themselves talk and are just waiting for the other person to stop talking. I enjoyed chatting with you in CA. You struck me as smart, industrious and quiet, not necessarily the blogger type, if there is such a thing.

    • Hahaha, thanks! I do more listening than talking. I take a more of a speak when spoken to approach

  • Couldnt agree more! I have been in this hobby for just a few months now and been working hard reading all I can and just experimenting with different possible options for MS in DC. The one thing I have struggled with is networking within the hobby. I have converted a few workmates of mine to this hobby but really looking to just hear more travel stories and adventures, MS success and failures, and just get to know other people with these same interests. What suggestions do you have for meeting others who are all running their own little MS corporation? 🙂

  • I couldn’t agree more.


    I am in the dc area too. If OK can CTP please pass on my email to you. I am in the DC area too. I am interested in local networking if OK with you.



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