GiftCard Zen Saves Me On Meeting The Minimum Spend With Discounted Gift Cards

I was targeted for a Citibank Gold AA card, where you spend $1,500 and you receive 40,000 American Airline AAdvantage miles. Then spend $5,000 an additional 10,000 miles will be posted into the account for a total of 50,000 AA miles. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the offer letter, but you can read about it on Reddit which basically said the same thing I just mentioned, there’s a few good nuggets outside of the Citi Gold AA card worth reading about.

Any way, I have been so focused with hitting $20,000 in spend on the American Express Business Platinum card, I completely forgot about the Citi card. When I was attempting to check out with GiftCard Zen, it said they don’t accept American Express which was a shame because I would have completed my spend for the challenge. I closed out the transactions and went back to redoing my Cardpool sales when I remembered about the Citi card.

I went back to GiftCard Zen, and all the good cards were sold out. Instead, I bought a ton of random valued gift cards almost maxing out the $5k credit limit to the card. I still have about $500 left on the Citi card, but that should be an easy fix since I could put my non bonused every day spend on it.

I really hate the idea of what I did and never recommend advocating it. Buying gift cards to resell on to a different exchange. It creates a chain of events where you can’t quite pin where it went wrong. For instance, it could have been the original seller on GiftCard Zen or it could be the customer on the exchange you sold it to. Luckily, Giftcard Zen also has a guarantee on cards they sell.

As I wait for the transactions to post on to my credit card, it’s is interesting to see that the category that GiftCard Zen came up is different.

Gift Cards


We’ll see what happens after it posts.

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  • You do realize you are going to lose significant money on this?

    You would have been much better off going out and buying visa cards or ordering american express gift cards….

    • If all things go according to plan, I will be making money through this

  • Just use your Amex at Gift Card Zen anyway. Even though you see a warning that Amex isn’t accepted at GCZ, the transaction will go through anyway. GCZ accepts Amex, they would just prefer that you use something else.

    • Thanks, this is great to know!


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