Gift Card Churning – Profitability

A reader stumbled upon Chasing The Points with the query “profit from gift card churn” and it made me think about the ways to profitably of gift card churning. In my experience, most of the times churning gift cards is unprofitable and netting to 0 in terms of cash. Oftentimes, as many of the points bloggers will point out, it is the redemptions that makes gift card churning profitable.

However, there are a few times throughout the year where you can churn and make money. You need to be on the look out, remember the high rates, and popular gift cards on the fly especially in store offers. Sometimes, you do not need to step foot in a store and you could buy them online whenever Gift Card Mall runs promotions on eBay and earn 2% back from eBay bucks.

Gift Card Churning And Making Money:

Late 2013, there were these deals

Discounted Staples Gift Cards

$90 For $100 Target Giftcards

Super Hot Deal At Staples It Burns

Hot Deal At Wholefoods, Gift Card Churn Profitably

American Express Sync offers provide plenty of potential to either churn gift cards profitably or at the very least break even for free points. Some posts on the Sync offers:

J Crew Gift Card Churn And Make Money

West Elm Gift Card Churn And Make Money

Neiman Marcus Gift Card Churn And Make Money

Save 20% At Lowe’s

New AMEX Sync Offer with DSW

American Express Sync And Wholefoods Is Back!

Gift Card Churning:

Outside the above examples, consistently buying points at $.01 to $.012 can be easily achieved. Sometimes, it can be lower when the right cards are used during special promotions like the US Airways Dividend And American Airline Miles Mall Promotion Buy Miles Cheaply opportunity.

If you can find the right vendors, upgrading gift cards can lead to a profitable gift card churn. I do not do much of that because it’s not very easy to accomplish in New York City.

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  • I don’t churn them for massive profit but I do look at each Amex deal plus a few of the other mentioned above. A few key enhancers that may stack with these offers – possibly a Credit Card % (such as Discover 5% on online purchases), the need to meet a minimum spend or a Portal %. A few of the retailers do allow gift card cash back on purchase of them. You should also look for reward programs from the retailer to enhance your earnings.
    You can earn both points and money this way. I have a spreadsheet to analyze the deal.

    • Thanks Mel!

      I had the same though stacking offers because I didn’t max out my Discover in Q4 and tested a couple of gift cards.

      Through that, I just started with one vendor churning their gift cards that have a rewards program for an extra 2%, it’s pretty nice!

  • I started following your site after making good UR points for Amex Sync for NM giftcards. That was very nice and I have accumulated 3*1400 UR points using m family Amex cards. I should say I got 4200 UR points just because of you other wise I dont know what to do with that offer. Thank you very much.

    I am expecting you from the same kind of information after joining with Saverocity as well. All the best with new move.

    • Thanks! I’m glad I was able to help maximize your points purchases

  • FYI, most of your links are working fine some are not. Some of your links miss the saverocity.com……. and starts with chasingthepoints.com/

    • Thanks for the heads up ABC, we should have them all fixed soon


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