Gift Card Churning For Free Priority Mail

Reader Ed and I had exchanged a few emails regarding free shipping for gift card churning and what the best way was for him to ship the gift cards.

I’ve showed off this packaging and costs $5.80 to ship and the max is 7 stamps:

Gift Card Churning

But, Ed found this that’s even better and costs $5.60 to ship:



The amount of surface area on the envelope is greater than the small box, and you could wind up having free shipping altogether when you use the techniques I outlined in Save Even More On Postage and all you need to do with Cardpool is create multiple orders for the free stamp and tape it onto your USPS box/envelope and you’ll be good to go!

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  • I would appreciate if you could list your gift card sell website by your rank. It will be a good start to help newbies.


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