Gift Card Bulk Selling Update

Way back in January, I wrote about the benefits of being a registered gift card bulk seller. At the time of writing, I was in some tier with Cardpool that offered a small bump in rates compared to the bulk and I was assessed a 5% electronic gift card redemption fee. Following that, in February when they bumped me to the highest tier they offered, it was a 2% electronic gift card redemption fee. Unfortunately, I don’t have a screenshot displaying the 2% differences, you’ll have to take my word on it.

Below, you can see that Cardpool now buys my physical cards at the same rates as the digital ones.

Gift Card

Here’s the same thing for a Cardpool user that doesn’t have the bulk rates like me:




I asked them about getting rid of the electronic gift card redemption fee, and they agreed! Unfortunately, it was after I spent 6 hours laboring through gift cards of picking, packing, labeling, and the entire process. Those gift cards that I mailed, could have been redeemed online. Either way, it’s exciting to have another avenue to sell gift cards electronically without a fee.

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  • How much in sales did you do before you hit that tier? I could probably hit it pretty quickly if there was no penalty to do egiftcards to begin with, the old chicken and the egg problem! I need some sort of status match for gift card selling!

  • Wow, that is a great perk. I’d be interested in the answer to William Charles’s question too.
    I’d like to get approval for being a bulk seller, but we are just about to enter summer break, which means that I will have a lot less predictability to my schedule… and therefore ability to consistently find GC deals to resell.

    • become a bulk seller is easy…getting into the tiers with better rates probably requires more transactions with them. :\ definitely a chicken and egg problem haha!

  • How did you contact them? I’ve called their so-called bulk seller line several times and always got a “we’re so busy with other callers” bs and a request to leave a message (which I do). Is there a “top tier” secret code? I’d do a lot more volume with Cardpool despite them rarely being the highest payout if I could simplify my reselling activity.

  • @William Charles & @Jamie For this tier of no fee electronic redemption, it was over $60k in sales. $60k was what I saw in my dashboard of how much money Cardpool paid me, and that was when I shot them an email explaining to them that I’ve transacted so many cards and to the best of my knowledge 0 went bad so how about taking that egc transaction fee off. The account manager looked it over confirmed and said, thanks for the business, let’s keep it going, so they took it off

    @Paul, I shoot an email to bulksales@cardpool.com all the time. I am under the assumption Cardpool doesn’t know who “Chasing The Points” really is as I’ve never told them who I am. Only Giftcard Zen and Raise know that I am “Chasing The Points.” I’ve purposely created separate emails so there is no favoritism. Raise contacted me about bulk selling which I accepted. In full disclosure, Raise is the only gift card exchange site that I leveraged my name to become a bulk seller. For GCZ, I was already accepted as a bulk seller, and wound up telling Justin @ GCZ because he wanted to know more about me and why I was doing it.

    • Raise is easy to become a bulk seller with – they’re super friendly!! I think they must’ve called me every day for 3 days to get me started and just to chat. My account rep even gave me tips on where to eat in Toronto (where I’m visiting right now). I always appreciate travel advice. 😀 Cardpool was very nice and fast, and hasn’t bugged me too much since then. I haven’t had much luck when calling them, but they respond within 24 hours to bulksales@cardpool.com (and I prefer digital communication over voice anyways). GCZen didn’t approve me as a bulk seller because they said they wanted to see more like $20k+ of transactions per month hahaha.

  • Are there any resellers that accept bulk sales without entering all the card numbers and pins?

    I’ve got hundreds of gcs to sell and I don’t want to have to enter all the friggin numbers. Any help is appreciated.

    • They all require it, especially if it’ll be sold online. Of all the gift card exchanges I’ve sold with, Cardpool’s is the worst.

      Try Giftcard Zen if you get the opportunity

      • Monster Gift Cards doesn’t; but you have to enter each card/value individually as a separate order. Can include those orders in one mailing but still a pain.

      • Thanks. I thought I might have been missing something.

        ABC/Cardcash has been the worst for me. Cardpool at least can be contacted. Around the month following Xmas, there were 5 hour hold times at ABC. Unfrigginreal. And nobody responded to email.

        GCZ is good, but you still have to put in card numbers individually and their bulk program people are even worse than Cardpool’s.

        The entire industry is full of flakes.

        • Agree, Most of them are same. Hard to deal with, hard to get hold of them. Saveya/Giftcard.com- I am bulk seller with them and yet they hardly respond to my emails. Although lately their Senior Business analyst called me and gave me her direct number which is working out nice. I believe Raise is super super good, but I don’t want to be bulk seller with them due to obvious 1099 reasons, I feel its headache to deal with tax things unless you are really dedicated to this.

          • The people at Raise are SUPER friendly. 🙂 I really like them! But unfortunately I haven’t sold much through them at all since I still get better rates elsewhere even though I have Raise bulk seller status. Haven’t figured out which GCs are easy to source and sell fast on Raise with at least breakeven.

    • Cardforcoin.com doesn’t require it. You can submit an order in bulk directly to support as long as you have the brand, card numbers, and amounts all compiled. They exchange for bitcoin, though – so a little bit different. Worth a look if you’re looking to get into crypto. And they have a bulk seller status with more support, too.

    • Cardforcoin.com doesn’t require it. You can submit a bulk order directly to the support email as long as you have the brand, card numbers, and amounts all compiled. They exchange for bitcoin, though – so a little bit different. Worth a look if you’re interested in crypto. And they have a bulk seller status with more support, too.


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