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It would be a safe play to say that any reader of the Saverocity network would appreciate the following information because it can lead to some savings. I will let our buddy Big Habitat to find the arbitrage and resell potential available, but I wanted to discuss something that never occurred to me until now.

Our favorite drugstore, CVS, has some pretty decent online exclusive deals – 20 to 40% off basically everything at the store. The other day, they sent out an email stating there was a 30% off site wide deal and I was about to jump on it, I had everything lined up in the shopping cart. Something happened and I was distracted and did not complete the purchase. I let it sit for a couple of days and low and behold CVS emails me, reminding me that I forgot to buy something! As an extra incentive they said here’s $5 off $25 or more of your transaction.





And it’s stackable!




So this has me thinking: create an account, log in, and “shop around.” If a retailer wants to convert you, they’ll throw a coupon at you to entice you. I’ll have to play with this some more, but I thought this was a nice opportunity to pass along and help you save some money.


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