FT4RL And Notorious B.I.G. Influenced This Post: if you don’t know, now you know

This post is a departure from my usual manufactured spend stump and I am not sure why it didn’t formulate in my mind until now. Maybe it was after listening to the Saverocity Observation Deck podcast and played in the role of this ruminated thought.

What does #FT4RL and Biggie Smalls Have To Do With This?

Most of discussion in Family Travel For Real Life revolved around experiences and how it shapes our next generation and why it is so rewarding. Experiences are lessons that teaches us something new, about ourselves, the environment, the situation, or whatever it may be. It is this reason that I love learning, experiencing new things, and continue to broaden my horizons.

As annoying as mistakes are, they provide areas of learning like applying for the wrong credit card or pricing the wrong gift card. Both of the errors in IT parlance are user errors. I need to pay closer attention and stop rushing into things. Either way, they are lessons. If you don’t learn from it, the mistakes will persist and the experience and lessons would go on repeat mode like the movie Groundhog Day

If I am not learning, then I move on to something different. Yesterday’s post about finding a deal on eBay is exactly that. Making my life easier through learning new things.

So go out: explore and learn something new, you might not realize a lesson until you experience it. For all of those bad experiences, you learned for the next time how to handle a particularly bad situation. In the podcast, you can hear how some of the parents were able to overcome issues and better prepare.

Notorious B.I.G. aka Biggie Smalls has the song Juicy with a piece of lyrics: if you don’t know, now you know. That piece of the song kept popping into my head as I was thinking about the post.

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