Free Money At Staples For Using Your Bank Of America Card

I love Bank Of America’s BankAmeriDeals – it’s like American Express Sync and Discover’s Extras. When you use your credit card, the card issuer will reimburse you a certain amount of money for spending a specified value.

Today, I received an email from Bank Of America for our favorite office supply store, Staples. Receive 10% back when you spend up to $125. That means, you’ll receive $12.5 back and would recoup all fees associated with any prepaid cards you purchase. For me, I plan on buying gas gift cards for the 10% back.

Bank Of America

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  • Do you happen to know if you can buy gift cards from Staples online with a BOA credit card? Thx

    • It looks like it is possible online – since it says “Shop Staples online or find a location near year.” It doesn’t look as strict as AMEX Sync deal where it said “Staples.com” and I messed that one up.


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