Earn [almost] 3% Possibly More Every Where Every Day

Recently, I read two different credit cards on two different topics. I will start with this one:


Citi Double Cash:

Originally, there was a lot of speculation in the past about how the 1% and the second 1% will pay out. Thankfully, Travel With Grant has the Citi Double Cash reviewed and how the cash back works, and it is generous. Grant writes that after the charges posts, you earn 1% then any payments made during the statement you earn 1%. Note: Payments made using the cash back rewards does not earn the 1%.


How To Make An Extra ~1% or more:

You need to follow fellow Saverocity blogger, Kenny @ Miles4More, that he posted on FlyerTalk. All you need to do is pay your Citi Double Cash card with a debit card. Obviously, it would be a debit card that you’re loading with a credit card. Depending on your debit card you use and the fees, it could be close to 1% or more.

Easy as pie.

There’s another credit card that you can do the same thing just like this, but I can’t release the details as it was in Doctor Of Credit’s newsletter and is not publicly posted. Until it is publicly posted, then I will update this post. Till then, I will be staying mum.

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  • Thanks for staying “mum” on my find. I was hoping people found it useful.
    Did you see Chuck’s Chime checkbook post? Could be a useful way to off load those debit cards too.

    • Just saw it! Looks like I’ll need to add Chime into my toolbox.

      + your tip is excellent, especially since it adds value to the earnings potential for those seeking cash back + more options are great

  • “Depending on your debit card you use and the fees, it could be close to 1% or more.”

    Is this part a top secret too or can you give examples that are closer to 1% that are available at this time? thanks

    • The closer to 1% is going to pay your Citibank card with a Visa Buxx flavor. The or more you’ll need to research and connect the dots


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