Credit Cards That I Will Be Applying

Last week, I left off with credit cards that I would not be applying. Personal Finance Digest and I have discussed about a Capital One issued card. Even though they tried to strong arm and attempt to shut us down, I have no hard feelings to Capital One. Then we researched the Neiman Marcus store card a bit more and the sad news is you only earn points when you shop with NM.

One card that I will apply for is issued by the Department Store Bank. It will be for a Bloomingdale’s American Express Reserve card. It can’t be applied for online and must be done in store.

Credit Cards



What other cards will I apply for? I’m not entirely sure yet. I still want an American Express card that would earn me Membership Rewards, but I am not sure which one yet. I am still lining up my applications, but will keep an eye towards the more unique cards.



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  • Hi, is there any reason you are getting a store card? Is it generally due to the amount you spend there and the associated savings from having the card?

    • I want to diversify my portfolio of points earning capabilities and to be targeted for special offers. MilesAbound has the best example: http://milesabound.com/banana-republic-credit-card-the-gift-that-keeps-on-giving/

      • Wow, never saw that one before. Very interesting….
        Any news overall on which store-branded cards have similarly generous deals to the one MilesAbound mentioned? I assume Bloomingdales has a history of similar sales?

        • Nope, no news other cards- In the sphere of credit cards, I don’t think store cards are covered as deeply as they should so I am signing up to Bloomingdales as a test to see if there’s anything as nice as that.

  • The Bloomingdales card used to be a reasonable 3% back card (on Bloomingdales purchases), but then they gutted it two years ago. Now it is a 1.5% back card (0.75% for non-Bloomingdales spend). The worst part is that all accumulated but unredeemed reward points loose ~75% value on Dec 31st.

    So now I never use this card, even for Bloomingdales purchases. It is only good for Amex sync offers.

    Bloomingdale’s does send a few coupons now and then but they are not that good. Certainly nothing close to what Banana Republic does.

    • Thanks for that! I heard it was the same with the Neiman Marcus card as well


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