My Communication Timeline

In the interest of my delayed response:

I don’t disclose much personal details on the blog and I like to keep it that way. There are only a handful of people in real life that know about the blog who are readers from time to time. That being said, I have a full time job and do not check on the website during business hours. I don’t write anything for the blog, research the next post, or anything related to Chasing The Points. I periodically check Twitter on my phone, but cannot possibly respond to mass tweets in a timely manner.

The only available time I have is after work and other nightly activities. I try my best to reply to all emails, tweets, and comments, but I need some time.

Your patience is greatly appreciated.


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  • A nice and polite disclaimer, thanks! Too many people think that response from a blog/blogger should be instantaneous.

    I’m fortunate enough to get your (and others’) info for FREE!! I think it’s a heck of a deal, so carry on. 🙂


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