Check Your Bank Of America Card For An BankAmeriDeal

Last time I wrote about checking your Bank of America card, it was for 10% off at Lowe’s up to an $800 purchase. Today, there’s a Sears offer:

Bank Of America

Sadly, it’s only 10% off up to $200 purchase. As of writing this, Alaska Airlines and Southwest is at 5x for a Sears purchase.




Fortunately, the Bank of America BankAmeriDeal goes through until April 15 so if a portal isn’t paying out to your expectation, you don’t need to jump on it.


Making The Deal Work:

If we exclude the earnings from the credit card and you’re excited to earn 5x and save 10%, but you check GiftCard Granny and be deflated when you see:


You’ll say, but “Chasing The Points, the points come out to be $.012 per point! And that’s expensive!” This is why I keep pressing you to be a bulk seller:


I can sell Sears at an 86% rate and GiftCard Zen will charge me a 14% commission. Therefore, I’d be buying the portal miles at $.008/mile, right at my target cost.


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  • Or buy a $200 VGC in store with a 3.5% fee.

    • Or that! I like to stay at home for a low spend opportunity like that


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