What? Chasing The Points Owes Money To UPromise?

Well, this one is a shocker! In late December/early January, I typed up a post about UPromise on a specific vendor and how you could be paid to shop through gift card churning. The reason why I held off posting it was the cashback from Upromise has landed into eternity of a pending status and I wanted to confirm cashback before hitting the “publish” button.

It first started with the reversal of funds that I documented in: Chasing The Points Kills A Highly Lucrative UPromise Manufactured Spending Deal

It was at least 3 months and it was still pending so I shot off an inquiry to UPromise’s CSR’s and this is their response:

Thank you for being a member of Upromise. We appreciate the time you have taken to contact us.

Currently, our records indicate that you received cash back in the amount of $50.00 from [vendor redacted] out of which $25.00 has negated due to some terms and conditions of [redacted]. Further, pending cash back in your account move to “funded” as soon as we actually receive the cash back from the contributing company. The time frame in which this occurs varies from company to company. You will find that most cash back move from pending to funded within 90 days of posting to your account.

As the time frame has not elapsed, we suggest you to wait for the specified time frame and appreciate your patience while this is being processed.

If you have any further inquiry, please reply to this email or contact Upromise Customer Care at (800) 877-6647. We are available to assist you Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 9:00 PM EST.


Their response was not helpful. I hadn’t logged into UPromise in a while and I am completely shocked to see that I owe them money!



If I wind up owing money to UPromise, this has been some of the most expensive Thank You points or any points in general that I have ever paid for. And I had written kind words about the UPromise credit card, if I do owe money, I won’t be signing up for the credit card.



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  • Oh the irony.

    have you ever had points clawed back from the chase portal? I noticed I have a deduction of a couple hundred points from a transaction or a few months back on an item I bought and still use. Never pursued it though out of laziness

    • Happens all the time with portal offers, especially for the wall street journal.

  • I’m sure you’re gonna send a check tomorrow….

  • I got this email from Upromise yesterday:

    Thank you for being a member of Upromise.

    We are writing to inform you, as consistent shopper with [vendor redacted] , that [vendor redacted] will no longer reward cash back on orders determined to be for the purpose of resale. [vendor redacted] will negate any cash back earned from future purchases they deem to be for resale, and persistent resale purchases may result in account closure. Please cease all [vendor redacted] purchases with the intent to resell.

    Please visit http://shop.upromise.com/mall/merchant/%5Bredacted%5D for [vendor redacted] details and restrictions with Upromise. The merchant details and restrictions for all our online partners can be found by selecting from the Deals by Store drop-down in the upper left corner of http://shop.upromise.com/

    We hope you understand this update as we look to maintain the great relationships we have with our online shopping partners.

    For more information about the Upromise service, please visit us at http://www.upromise.com


    The Upromise Customer Care Team

    • How did they determine it was for resale?

      • Good question. The gc purchases were for resale, but I don’t know how they can prove it.


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