Chase Amazon Credit Card Devalues Again, This Time Minor Changes

I recently wrote that Chase devalued their Amazon credit card. It turns out the changes are not over, very minor this time around. I recently received this secured message:

Dear Valued Amazon.com Visa Rewards Cardmember,

We want to let you know about some upcoming changes to your rewards program.

Getting cash:

  • You can continue to redeem for cash through a statement credit or direct deposit into a Chase or eligible U.S. checking or savings account.
  • However, rewards check redemptions will no longer be available after November 15, 2014.

Round trip ticket redemption booked by phone:

  • You can continue to use your points for travel with no blackout dates.
  • After November 15, 2014, all travel redemptions will be based on the actual cost. For example, 25,000 points will be required for a $250 ticket. You will no longer be able to redeem points for airline tickets, based on a fixed amount of points.

Charity donations:

  • Points redemption for charitable donations will no longer be available after November 15, 2014.

Click here to see your latest Rewards Program Rules and Regulations.

As always, thanks for being our customer. We appreciate your business and your loyalty.


The latest change has Chase withdrawing from allowing you to receive cash back checks and donations straight to a charitable organization. They also wanted to remind you that you couldn’t redeem for fixed flight redemptions:

If you choose to book a ticket using the “fixed” ticket bonus option, and the actual ticket value is less, the number of points needed to redeem remains the same. For example, an offer to redeem 25,000 points for one roundtrip scheduled airline ticket valued at up to $335 will still require 25,000 points if the ticket you book is valued at $300


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  • That’s interesting. It would have been nice if they would have communicated these changes better. I am not a happy customer.

    • Agreed, I would have liked to have better communication on the changes. Unfortunately, I can’t product change the card to something else to keep the average age of the account since this is my first credit card


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