Bluebird with Debit Card Loads

By now, you must have heard Bluebird has changed their policies to have free loads from $2. The limits are still the same, $100/day and a max of $1000 per month.

I learned my lessons from Serve and will only link reloadable prepaid cards.

This is how I will load my Bluebird go forward:

  • Paypal Debit
  • US Bank Visa Buxx

Both cards have been added successfully and able to add $100 multiple times. I choose these two cards because Paypal has no bill pay and I can earn a $1 every load, which after four loads would pay for the Paypal Cash cards. US Bank Visa Buxx because I can’t receive cash back from purchases and I would be generating points at $.005/point ($2.50/520 points). You could substitute with the Nationwide and generate @ $.004/point ($2/502 points), but I like the ability to receive cash back.

This method will allow me access to bill pay from cards that don’t offer it. Which is part of the reason why Vcom ATM’s are so awesome.

Here is the screenshot that you will receive cash back for loading Bluebird with Paypal debit card.

Debit Card


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  • It seems like a great option for Bluebird’s new free online debit loads would be a mile-earning debit card. The Suntrust Delta card is the best of those, since it earns 1 mile per dollar spent.

    • Yup it would be a great option.

  • Let us know how much and how long it has lasted when your PP got shutdown :p

    BTW have you tried the hottest topic in FT MS now: Square Cash?

    • I will most certainly! I researched into it, but have not had the chance to dip into it. I will be sure to write about it

  • Would this Paypal Debit to Bluebird raise any red flags or is this ok with Paypal?

    • I haven’t had any problems yet. If anything comes up, I’ll be sure to write something about it.

      • Thanks! Bluebird just sent out an email saying only 1 debit card is allowed. Are you going to alternate the cards?

        • Too much work to alternate, I will lock in my Paypal card for the 1% back.

  • I just linked my pp card to my BB card. I then loaded 100 (0nline) from my pp to My bb. I read on BB site that there’s a 100 dollar Max per day for loading BBC with a debit but Ian reading otherwise. Also read that loading from a ppl card is a debit ( not credit) therefore I will not receive 1% cash back from pp. What info Ian reading is correction? Also, y would pp close ur account for using there card to find a bb?

    • In my experience, when I used my Paypal Business Debit card, it was charged as an online purchase which made it eligible for the 1% back.

      I am not sure why Paypal would close someone’s account for loading Bluebird, my guess would be other activities that would cause the account to be flagged as high risk and then shut down


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