All Serve Loads Appear To Be Working At Walmart Now

In early August, with the help from @MissDSchnei I wrote about Serve and how some versions were unloadable at Walmart, namely the Silver and Blue versions.

Sometime from then and last week, loads to the Silver Serve were working at Walmart. I spotted the change on Thursday:


Previously, Walmart and 7 Eleven were greyed out.

I am happy to report that loading the Silver Serve at Walmart is working. Although there is a $3.74 fee to load the card.




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  • Do you know if you can add a backup funding source to this card?
    Also, would you get the 1% cash back if you were to make a purchase utilizing the backup funding source.

  • .

  • I can’t believe there’s a reload charge for any type of Serve, that sucks. I guess I’ll stick to FD, much better.


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