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Trip Reports – Love them or hate them?

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After finishing my latest trip report, I find myself pondering whether they are even worth writing. I kind of have an answer floating around in my head already, but I’m also curious as to what others think before I write about it myself. Coincidentally, my friend just let me try out his website Get Feedback for free – so I thought it might be a nice time to try out a survey. It’s short, sweet, and not nearly as meaningful as PF Digest’s cuddle poll, but I am genuinely curious as to how people feel about trip reports. Most importantly I’m wondering what aspect of trip reports is most interesting to everyone. Anyway, if you could leave some feedback it’d be most appreciated! I should have embedded the survey below but if it didn’t work you can get to it here.

Just an average joe trying to fly his family for less

5 thoughts on “Trip Reports – Love them or hate them?

  1. I like trip reports as I love to travel and read about travel. The only reports I have zero use for is when a blogger is getting a free hotel/flight from some company and then writes a report. Of course I am suppose to believe he/she is impartial.
    I write my own in personal blog and then turn into a book. I started this when I began traveling with my father-in-law after his wife tragically passed away. He has early stage dementia and cannot remember but he reads the books with photos and he again enjoys tne trips.

    1. That definitely makes sense about the free trips. If I ever get offered one (unlikely) I’m sure it’ll be a moral quandry. And that’s really nice what you are doing for your FIL – respect.

      1. Joe,

        Thank you for your kind words. I really enjoy your blog (especially the name) and do not be afraid to stay at lonely planet’s quirky types places to sleep and then make really sure you write about the stay :). I get tired of reading reviews from miles/points people about Hyatt, Hilton etc hotels. Just one man’s humble opinion.
        May you be rewarded in life with a free stay or flight somewhere. After all, free is free.

        PS: Have you written anything on the Balkans? Romania, Albania, Bulgaria etc? I am heading there for about 25 days in October-November.

  2. Depends on the destination for me, if it’s somewhere that’s been done to death then I’m really not interested in reading about it (although it can be useful if it’s somewhere I’ve been before as I can see how clued in the blogger really is).

    If it’s something different/unique then it’s a lot more interesting and I’ll happily read + share.

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