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Relaxing in Tuscany

Well, if there’s one thing you can rely on in Europe, it’s spotty wifi. The house we’re staying in here in Tuscany is no exception, but it’s so beautiful and relaxing here it doesn’t really matter. We have been relaxing by the pool and slowly exploring the beautiful hill towns in the region – and drinking lots of wine. Baby M has good nights and bad, but overall despite how tough things are at times, she seems to be enjoying herself and I’m happy to see how stimulated she is by the new environment. She even went swimming for the first time! Anyway, due to the intermittent internet I’ll just post a few pictures.

Road to our house in La Bruciata
Tassi Brunello at La Porta in Monticchiello – most scenic meal of the trip so far
Sunset over Monticchiello
Not sure how I feel about swimming…
Baby M’s first wine cellar

IMG_0985 IMG_0965

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Relaxing in Tuscany

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